Dear Jill and the many wonderful, giving women,

Ms. Mori, the staff members, and the students in Room 3 of Highland Ranch Elementary would like to THANK YOU for your generous and selfless time which was dedicated to making two AMAZING blankets for our classroom!

As a teacher of students with severe autism, I know the importance of providing my students with tools that help regulate, calm, and comfort them. Providing our classroom with two LARGE blankets gave us an opportunity to provide the students another tool to for self-regulation. It means so much each and every day in our classroom to have resources such as your blankets which you so kindly donated to us!

Our whole class would like to send heart-filled THANK YOU!

Ms. Mori
Highland Ranch Elementary

I had placed my order for a blanket and a week later it was ready! wow!! I can’t say enough how happy I am with the quality of materials used and the comfort! I just love it! I have already recommended her service to my family and friends! Thank you so much!


My son has slept with the blanket every night since he got it. It makes him fall asleep so fast when he gets under it. It’s like he just melts into sleep…

Happy Mother

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